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  • Comtrix Login Screen

    Comtrix (Compliance Matrix) is a web-based Integrated Management System that can help you manage your Quality, Work Health and Safety and Environmental compliance. Each company has access to a personalised Comtrix URL, with each worker having their own login.

  • Comtrix Home Page

    Welcome to the Comtrix Home Page of our best practice system. On the home page you can view several "category tiles" or "folder tiles" which will house applicable procedures and forms. In our best practice system, the RED category tiles represent QUALITY procedures, the YELLOW category tiles represent SAFETY procedures and the GREEN category tile represents ENVIRONMENTAL procedures. In addition to this, Human Resources, Corrective and Preventative Action, Legislation and Policies and System Administration (Internal Audits, Management Reviews, etc.) have their own category tiles. Alternatively, these category tiles can be completely customisable to suit your business and operational needs, with the ability to restrict access to certain sections for different users.

  • Comtrix Page Tiles

    Once you click into a category tile on the home page, for example "Risks and Hazards", all the procedures that are associated with Risks and Hazards will appear as "Page Tiles". These page tiles each house their own Procedure with their supporting forms. Again, these page tiles can be completely customisable to suit your business and operational needs.

  • Comtrix Procedures

    Once you click into a page tile, for example "Hazard Reporting", the procedure for Hazard Reporting will appear, along with the supporting forms linked down the side of the page. This procedure and supporting forms are our best practice Hazard Reporting documentation, compliant with the International and Australian Standards for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Alternatively, you can house your company's internal procedures and forms throughout Comtrix pages.   

  • Comtrix Form Completion Options

    As mentioned, supporting forms are linked down the side of procedures. Here you will have three options to choose from to complete the form. The best and simplest option is "Fill Online" which will open the form in your web browser for you to complete and submit online (note: this option is not available on iPads or Mac desktops). The "Download Blank" option will allow you to complete the form outside your web browser in Adobe Reader (or a PDF App on an iPad), and email or upload the form back into Comtrix. The "Print Blank" option will allow you to print out a copy of the form, complete by hand and then scan in and upload the form to Comtrix.  

  • Comtrix Form Fill Online Option

    Comtrix will allow you to complete your forms online. You can use our best practice forms, or add your company's existing forms to the Comtrix system. This way the forms that are completed look exactly like the paper copies everyone is familiar with, easing the transition from paper to paperless! Here you can type in the fields, obtain signatures online and submit the form to file in the Comtrix database.  

  • Comtrix Submitted Forms

    All Comtrix form submissions, whether they are submitted online, via Adobe Reader, through email, scanned in, or on an iPad, are all filed and viewed in the one Comtrix database, under "Submitted Forms". Here you can filter through any data that was typed into the forms (with the exception of scanned forms). Here you can also "VIEW" the submitted form and attach "Supporting Documentation" to any form submission (where a paperclip icon will appear). Additionally, you can "EDIT" a form submission (which will create a flagged history for that form submission and not replace the original), and "DELETE" a form submission (however only System Admin users have access to this function).

  • Comtrix Submitted Forms Report

    Following on from the Submitted Forms search options, Comtrix allows users to graph reports based on filtered data. For example, you can view all the "Hazard Reports" submitted between the "01/01/2013" and the "30/04/2014". From this, you can then click the "Graph Report" option to view a visual representation of the form submissions. Additionally, you can extract these form submissions into one combined PDF file via the "Export to PDF" option for auditing/contact purposes.  

  • Comtrix TO DO List

    Comtrix will remind users when to complete their required forms or complete generic tasks. Comtrix Admins can set up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. TO DO reminders for all their workers. Manager alerts can also be set up to alert a user’s manager if a TO DO item is overdue after a specified period. 

  • Comtrix Corrective Action Requests

    Comtrix will automatically generate Corrective Action Requests (CARs) based on the data inputted into other relevant forms. For example, when the "Workplace Inspection Checklist" is completed, if any one of the items are marked as "Unacceptable", Comtrix will automatically generate a MAJOR or a MINOR CAR and extract the data from the completed "Workplace Inspection Checklist" into the "CAR" Form, and alert the person responsible to close out the CAR (as selected in the Workplace Inspection Checklist). If the CAR is then not closed out by the person responsible within a specified time frame, their manager will get alerted to follow this up. 

  • Comtrix Qualification Expiry

    Comtrix will alert users when their licences, certificates and training are due to expire. Managers will also receive alerts for not only their own qualifications, but also for all other users. This will ensure the company proactively manages their workers licences, certificates and training to ensure their workers are qualified to undertake the required work at all times. 

  • Comtrix Training Matrix

    Comtrix will automatically populate a Training Matrix based on the qualifications assigned to each user. The Training Matrix is what triggers the automated reminders for when qualifications are due to expire. The dates listed in BLUE are qualifications that do not expire (e.g. Company Inductions, Bachelor Degree, etc.), the dates listed in ORANGE are qualifications that will eventually expire (e.g. Current Drivers Licence, Current First Aid Certificate, etc.) and the dates listed in RED are qualifications that have expired (e.g. Expired Drivers Licence, Expired High Risk Work Licence, etc.). The "History" option allows users to view past Training Matrixes and the "Export to PDF" option will export the Training Matrix to a PDF file. 

  • Comtrix User Groups

    Comtrix User Groups determine the access level of users. User Groups can be customised to restrict access to functions and/or content for different groups of users. This will ensure users will only see what they need to see, so they are not bombarded with the whole Integrated Management System, and will also ensure security over what users have access to adding, editing and deleting items within Comtrix. 

  • Comtrix User Logs

    Comtrix logs every user’s actions throughout the system. Managers can use Comtrix to send out alerts to view updated procedures and policies, inform users of meetings and update users on any other relevant information. At the top of each Procedure page, managers can click the "View Logs" icon which will show them what users have viewed that information. This way, managers can ensure workers are all informed and updated on any company changes. Additionally, a monthly Legislative Update Bulletin will be added to the Notice Board section of Comtrix for all users to view. 

  • Comtrix Devices

    Comtrix is a web based system and therefore it can be accessed on any Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet and/or iPad. For more information about what Comtrix has to offer your company, contact us today!


Comtrix (Compliance Matrix) is a web-based Integrated Management System that can help you manage your Quality, Work Health and Safety and Environmental compliance.

Comtrix has been developed by lead auditors and industry consultants in accordance with the International and Australian Standards for ISO 9001:2008, AS/NZS 4801:2001, ISO 14001:2004, Work Health and Safety legislation and Codes of Practice for industry specific operational environments.

Comtrix can provide companies with new best practice Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems or integrate with your existing management system materials.    


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